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The VA loan is a fantastic loan for our active and retired military. In some cases, this benefit is extended to our members in the reserves as well. This loan is only offered to US veterans in any of the armed services. You can not qualify if you are a military veteran from another country. There are many benefits to VA financing. Here are a few:

  1. Zero percent down. That is right. The VA loan offers Zero percent financing. You can literally purchase your home with no money down. You can also ask us how to structure your purchase price offer and loan to make a truly free purchase. You won’t spend any money in some cases.
  2. No mortgage insurance even when you don’t invest any money for a down payment. Even with zero down, you do not have to pay mortgage insurance.
  3. Very competitive interest rates, in most cases better than conventional interest rates.
  4. They will take low credit scores, in most cases 600 or better.
  5. They will finance all types of properties, condos, duplexes, etc. as long as it is your primary residence.
  6. If you have a VA disability, they will waive their funding fee. This is determined by the VA, not the lender.
  7. They will finance up to $1,000,000.00. Your time in the military and pay history will dictate your maximum loan amount you qualify for.
  8. VA also offers refinancing and cash out financing if you currently have a VA loan. So its not just used for purchases
  9. A VA loan is assumable, meaning you can pass your mortgage to another qualified VA buyer without them having to get a new loan. They can simply take over your current loan. This can be a very attractive offer when selling your home.

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